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This is a collection of Tips and Tricks that may come in handy while playing Evolve. Some of these tips have been collected from the tips shown on loading screens and others have been collected through play experience.

Specialty Strategies

General tips

  • Hunters can only be incapacitated twice. The third time they go down, they’ll die outright. (Unless Lazarus is around)
  • Keep your mini-map open whenever you can to give yourself full access to all of the actions taking place on the map and to allow you to plot the best route.

Monster tips

  • Some of your abilities cool down faster in combat!
  • Sneaking leaves no footprints and makes almost no sound. It also means you move very slowly, so use it strategically.
  • Monsters with full armor glow brightly, making them easier to find. This also means heavily wounded Monsters are harder to find.
  • Hunter footprints can still be seen when they Cloak. Follow the trail and find them!
  • Use your mobility ability to cover more distance. You can use it up to 3 times before needing to rest as indicated on the reticule.
  • Don't be afraid to retreat, especially before completing your final Evolution. Retreating can allow you to feed to restore your armor, or to evolve to the next level and stand a better chance against the Hunters.
  • If you walk through a clump of birds on the ground, swipe at them or activate an ability like Fire Breath to take out as many as you can as they're flying away. While they're not edible, fewer birds will make it harder for the Hunters use their flight to locate you.
  • Some of the smaller wildlife creatures like the Meerkat and Obsidian Beetle are only worth one evolve point and rarely worth the effort. Look for easy prey like the Marsh Strider, which are worth 2 points.
  • If you're facing a Hunter who got separated from his allies, use your Pounce attack to kill (or at least maim) them without risk of failure.

Hunter tips

  • Always be aware of your allies in a fight. Most Hunters have at least one tool to help a friend get out of a bad situation, or at least can benefit from the monster's focus on someone else.
  • Monsters can usually hit multiple targets with a single attack. Spread out to keep the Monster from wounding multiple Hunters at once.
  • Following Monster tracks will eventually lead to the Monster, but anticipating where they lead and cutting them off will get you there faster.
  • Don't shoot the monster if you're on the verge of catching up to him - hitting him makes his stamina come back faster, which will only make your job harder!
  • Don't forget that you've got a full set of abilities, not just your most obvious one. Using all the tools at your disposal greatly increases your odds. Don't be afraid of botching, it's better to miss than to not use it at all.
  • Remember that you're part of a team! Going off on your own and trying to be the hero will get you killed fast.

Medic tips

  • Medics can also deal damage. When the Monster’s almost dead, switch to your weapon to maximize damage.

Wildlife tips

  • Trapjaws work together to bring down their prey, just like the Hunters. A trapjaw pack is a formidable opponent -- even for the Monster.
  • Tyrants are among the deadliest creatures on Shear. Watch the water, be ye Monster or man.
  • Nomads look like tall, passive grazers, but they can change the tide of battle if you rile them up.
  • The Venomhound’s disorienting poison only affects Hunters. Leading the Hunters to their glowing green dens is a sure way to poison one of them.
  • Marsh Striders are harmless creatures who often herd together. They will run away from any danger, so be sure to take them out quickly before you have to start chasing them. They're worth 2 bars, making them an ideal snack for the monster.
  • The Mammoth Bird behaves quite similarly to the Marsh Strider, eating plants peacefully until he feels threatened. Just like the Marsh Strider, they are worth 2 bars. However, they will try to defend themselves if they realise they can't out-run you. Their attacks deal a medium amount of damage, so be careful if you're near a bunch of them.